Today’s business environment is constantly changing due to a variety of factors like competition, socio-economic, legal, political and technological changes. You have to consider complying with these changes and ensure that the knowledge and skillset of your employees pace with those changes.

Investing in the development and training of your employees will not only increase the efficiency within the workplace but also will increase the job satisfaction and morale among employees which can assist you to retain your employees.


In order to identify the types of training that will best suit your employees, you should find first the gap between the skills of your staff and the skills that your business needs. You can do this by talking to your staff about the sorts of skills that may help them to do their job more effectively.

Once you have decided on a training plan inform your employees about the learning opportunities that are available to them.


Once you have assessed your training needs you can decide which options will best meet your requirements.

The most popular training providers in Cyprus are:

  • The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA);
  • Colleges and Universities;
  • Various 'Associations' that offer training for specific industries and sectors.

Furthermore Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) offers subsidies for certain seminars.