Hiring the right people is a very important part of your business success, however it can be a very tricky and time-consuming process. You will need to consider a variety of factors like:
  • the employment status and conditions you are willing to offer;
  • the necessary qualifications and soft skills for the job;
  • the personality and culture of the prospective candidates;
  • the level of salary that you are willing to offer in relation with the market conditions;
  • other costs of employment such as training, new equipment and facilities.
As a general guide, you should look for people with the following values:
  • Integrity – The ability to tell the truth, keep their word and be responsible.
  • Intelligence – To have Intellectual Curiosity and the need to work with smart people.
  • Maturity – The ability to handle stress and being modest.


Depending on your type of business you should consider which employment type will best fit your business requirements.

  1. Full-time (offers more security for Business)
  2. Part-time (offers more flexibility for Workers)
  3. Part-time Casual Workers (working less than 5 hours per week)

It is equally important to distinguish your responsibilities when you employ people and when you are using independent contractors (3rd party services).


Hiring Trainees can offer many benefits to your business, as they are supporting your bottom line with practical skills acquired during their training. Also the Human Resource Development Authority in Cyprus is offering various plans for employing graduated persons with no working experience in their field.


Employing people from overseas can provide a real advantage to your business, by introducing fresh ideas and innovative technologies.

The entry and settlement procedures are being managed by the Immigration Department. European Citizens coming in Cyprus to Work must obtain the 'Yellow Slip' and Non-European Citizens must obtain the 'Pink Slip'. After receiving their 'Alien No.' they can register to Social Insurances Services (SIC No.) and Inland Revenue Department (TIC No.).

As an employer you should be aware of these procedures in order to be in a position to assist your employees completing the necessary formalities and comply with the legislation.


In Cyprus the legislation covers equal employment opportunities and anti-discrimination in the workpace. You are obliged to offer to your employees a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. 

If you will advertise a job offer, keep in mind that you must not use discriminatory language that may exclude potential candidates on the basis of race, sex, colour, age, religion and marital status.