On 10 July 2014 Cyprus Parliament passed a new Legislation regarding the «Guaranteed Minimum Income» (GMI or Ελάχιστο Εγγυημένο Εισόδημα - ΕΕΕ). The law provides an allowance for every low income person/family that meets certain criteria to gurantee a minimum standard of living. 

The Guaranteed Minimum Income provides the following allowances:

The guaranteed minimum income (GMI) will be administrated through the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurances (YEPKA) and consists in:

  • € 480 monthly income for the applicant and for the recipients of the previous low income allowance
  • € 240 monthly income for his / her spouse and each family member between 14 -28 years old
  • € 144 monthly income for each family member under 14 years

The GMI should not be confused with the minimum salary in Cyprus which is different for each profession category. For example, for the office and shop workers the minimum start up salary is set at € 870. If you are a single person working fewer hours than is normal for your profession (working part-time) and your monthly income is below € 480, then you are entitled to receive a minimum income allowance. Also, if you are working normal hours but your family income is less than the minimum income guaranteed mentioned above, then you are entitled to receive GIM / EEE allowance.

The minimum income allowance paid by the government to families with low income is the difference between the above mentioned GIM and their actual monthly family income which consists of:

  1. Salaried or self-employed income
  2. Any amounts received for sustenance
  3. Any pension income
  4. Any income deriving from use of property and interest received
  5. Other grants and benefits (see below the relevant section)

Note: We clarify that married persons of any age and persons above the age of 28 are considered as independent persons from their parents and can apply to the GMI independently.

2A. House rent

The maximum allowance allocated for the house rent depends on the number of family members and the location of their residence as follows: 

Family membersMaximum subsidized rental per month

Nicosia/ Limassol/ Famagusta



Single or couples without children€ 154€ 134.75€ 96.25
Couples with 1 or 2 children of the same sex€ 224€ 196€ 140
Single parents with one 1 child€ 224€ 196€ 140
Couples with 1 minor and 1 adult child€ 280€ 245€ 175
Couples with 3 minors€ 280€ 245€ 175
For persons with a disabilityadditional € 70additional € 61.25additional € 43.75
Large families with 2 minor children or 1 adult childadditional € 56additional € 49additional € 35

2B. Interest on the mortgage loan

The allowance given for the mortgage interest is equal to the monthly rent allowance mentioned above.

We clarify that GMI beneficiaries are entitled to 2A or 2B.

The beneficiaries of GMI are exempt from Municipal and Other Taxes.

The beneficiaries of GMI in case of emergencies can submit the form EEE.7 for additional financial assistance and a responsible person will contact them to examine their application. Emergencies are considered any unexpected incidents which involve the family or their house and which require immediate payment, for example a broken fridge.

The Provisions of the GMI/EEE Law

The applicant must be either: 

  • more than 28 years old
  • a married person of any age
  • a single parent of any age
  • an orphan person of any age 
  • a disabled person of any age 
  • a person below the age of 28 years old, who was under the care of the Director of Social Welfare

All the applicants must have been legally residing in the controlled area of Cyprus continuously for at least 5 years before the date of the application and their family income should be less than the Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI).

If any applicants are unable physically or mentally to submit the application they may appoint a representative to do so.

Who does not qualify:

  • monks living in monasteries
  • soldiers serving they duty in accordance with National Guard Law
  • students apart from those who used be under the care of the Director of Social Welfare and/or disabled and/or orphans.
  • persons who voluntarily became unemployed (refer to article 22 of the law) 

Grants and Benefits that must be included in the GMI computation:


Grants and Benefits that must NOT be included in the GMI computation:

  • Funeral Grant
  • Maternity Grant
  • Student Grant
  • Soldier's Allowance
  • Plan to support the pensioners with low income
  • Contributions made by plilanthropic institutions
  • Sustenance that is not receive (with supporting evidence)
  • All Disability grants and benefits except the invalidity and disability pensions
  • The first €512 from the monthly salary of children that is received from plans made for acquiring practical experience
  • Any amounts received from the Provident Lottery Fund or by the Minister as Financial Assistance for emergencies
  • The residence in which the applicant and his/her family reside should not exceed 150 square meters in case the applicant is a single person or 300 sqm in other cases. In case the applicant or his/her family unit owns a property, its value should not exceed a total of €100.000 based on the assessment of the land registry value (2013). However, the applicant's main residence can exceed this value as long as it does not exceed 150 square meters for single persons or 300 square meters for more than one person. 
  • The bank deposits of the applicant and her / his family members should not be more than € 5.000 plus € 1.000 for each additional person belonging to the family unit. 
  • The total value of any shares, securities, bonds, insurance policies, accounts receivable and other similar items that are in the possession of the family members should not exceed € 5.000 
  • The total income of the family must be lower than the minimum family income by law.

There are separate colors for each applications according to the categories of applicants as follow: 

  1. The retirement pension beneficiaries with low incomes will submit the Gray Color Application ( download it from here). All beneficiaries of the allowance for pensioners with low income (small "Tsiekkoui" from Ministry of Finance) must complete the gray application EEE, regardless of whether they meet the criteria listed on the first page of the form. 
  2. The beneficiaries / recipients of the previous public assistance for low income persons must submit the Pink Color Application (download it from here). All previous public assistance recipients must complete the pink application EEE, regardless of whether they meet the criteria listed on the first page of the form. 
  3. The citizens of the Republic (other than the previous beneficiaries for public assistance for low income) need to submit the Blue Color Application (download it from here).
  4. The EU citizens living in Cyprus must submit the Green Color Application (download it here).
  5. The third country nationals with long term resident status or international protection or supplementary protection need to submit the Orange Color Application (download it from here). The third country nationals are entitled to this benefit only if they are long term residents of Cyprus, based on the Aliens and Immigration Law.
  6. Any persons that reside in Cyprus in accordance with the Refugee Law, or who have been victims of human trafficking, irrespective of their age and the years they reside in Cyprus (article 5(a)(v) of the law) are entitled to apply for the GMI and need to submit the relevant application form in accordance to their nationality (Orange Color Application for third countries and Green Color Application for EU citizens).

For more information on the statuses 5+6 contact the Civil Registry and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior at tel 22804405.

The application forms can be printed from the above links or can be found at the local post offices. They can be submitted to any post office without any charge to.

The below documents are generally required for all applicants, their spouses and unmarried children up to the age of 28:
1. a copy of the work contracts for the last five years 
2. a copy of the rental agreement or purchase agreement of the house/ residence in which the applicant has been living in the past five years. In case the applicant changed residences he/she must submit information on each location. Also, the relevant section of the application form must be signed and stamped by the local Mayor House (or the Local Government Community Council) within each area of residence. 
3. a certificate of the applicant’s International Bank Account (IBAN) issued by his /her bank 
4. a statement for each bank account of the applicant and their family members 
5. an evidence of the gross income of the applicant, his / her spouse and unmarried children up to 28 years old, separately as follows:

For employees 

  • The employer's certificate which is on page 11 of the application form must be filled in by the applicant’s employer. The same must be completed for the other family members by their employers. 

For self-employed person

  • the last 4 VAT returns 

  • a copy of the last income tax return submitted to the Inland Revenue 

  • certification of income issued by an accountant / auditor 

For shareholders of a private company

  • the certificate of dividend which is on page 11 of the application must be filled in. The same must be completed for the other family members if applicable. 

  • statement of special defense deductions from dividends 

  • a copy of the latest dividend certificate submitted by the company to the Inland Revenue

6. The white color application: it is mandatory to be submitted within the application the Authorization Form for Investigation of the Bank Accounts which must be signed by the applicant, his/her spouse and all unmarried children between 18 to 28 years old. This document allows the Government of Cyprus to examine the bank account deposits of the entire family.  The joint bank accounts must be stated as well and these will be considered as deposits of the applicant. 

The following documents are additionally requested according to the applicants’ nationality:    
1.    Cypriot Citizens must include a copy of their ID and their family members or a copy of the birth certificate in cases of children who have no identity card.
2.    EU Citizens must include a copy of their yellow slip and their family members (ARC / MEU1 / MEU3) or a copy of the birth certificate in cases of children who have no identity card.
3.    Third countries nationals must include a copy of the residence permit (M61) or a copy of the birth certificate in cases of children who have no identity card. In case of victims of person trafficking and other exploited persons, the certificate of recognition as a victim must be included. 

The following documents must be included only if applicable
-    a student certificate of attendance at a local university 
-    a school / kindergarten certificate of attendance, for the children residing under the same roof with their family
-    in case of divorced parents or orphans by both parents, a copy of the court decision regarding the appointed person with whom the children are residing 

According to the benefit purpose the following documents are requested:

For the mortgage interest payment 
1. a copy of the mortgage agreement 
2. a statement regarding the status of the loan interest by the Licensed Credit Institution  

For the house rental payment
1. a valid copy of the rental agreement 
2. the Certificate of International Bank Account (IBAN) from the Licensed Credit Institution / Bank for the applicant’s landlord