A single-parent family is considered to be a family of one parent who is either unmarried or divorced or widowed or had a spouse who has been officially declared by the court as a missing person, and who lives by herself / himself with her / his dependant children and without a spouse, companion or partner.

The single parent benefit is paid only to single-parent families that fulfil the following conditions:

  • their members (both single parent and their dependent children) are Cypriots or EU citizens;
  • they have been residing in Cyprus for the last three years;
  • they are eligible for child benefit.

No single parent benefit is paid to families who are not eligible for child benefit.

Single parent benefit is paid monthly according to the number of dependant children and the family income:

Annual IncomeSingle Parent Benefit
0 - €39.000€180 per child
€39.000 - €49.000€160 per child
€49.000 - €59.000€140 per child
€59.000 - €69.000€120 per child
€69.000 - €79.000€100 per child
€79.000 - €89.000€90 per child

The annual family income includes the gross income earned in the previous year by all the family members, from work, employment, pensions, rents, dividends, interest on deposits, bonds, or securities in Cyprus or / and abroad. Any public allowance or grant provided by the Government shall also be taken into consideration except the child benefit, student grant, student welfare and scholarships, and allowances/grants for needy persons with disability or chronic afflictions. A child’s income from any form of employment also does not count, as long as the child is attending regular studies.

To apply for single parent benefit an application form must be submitted to the Grants and Benefits Service of the Ministry of Finance together with the following documents:

Single unmarried parents must present:
  1. A certificate that proves the child was born out of marriage:
    • a copy of the jurisdiction for registering children born out of wedlock from the District Administration, in case of children born in Cyprus.
    • a certificate from the country of birth of the child confirming the marital status of the applicant and / or that the child was born out of wedlock, in case of children born outside Cyprus.
  2. Court order for alimony or court order for custody.
Divorced single parents must present:
  1. A copy of the divorce certificate.
  2. A court order for custody or joint written declaration from the other parent stating the name of the person with whom the children live.
Widowed single parents must present:
  1. A copy of the death certificate of her / his spouse.
  2. A copy of the widow's or orphan’s pension.

In case of spouses declared as missing persons a court ruling that declared the spouse as a missing person is required.

The Grants and Benefits Service may verify the details submitted by the applicant in cooperation with other Cypriot authorities and financial institutions. The Service may also request additional documents for all the income and property requirements if these documents are considered relevant for the application approval.

The applications for single parent benefit can also be submitted to any of the below bodies:
  • The Grants and Benefits Service, 6 Tefkrou Str., Nicosia – tel. 22 804000
  • The Service Counter, Ministry of Finance, Nicosia – tel. 22 601623
  • The following Citizens Service Centres (CSC):
    • Nicosia: Gonia Kyriakou Matsi & Katsoni, Agioi Omolgites, tel. 22 446686;
    • Limassol: 21 Spyrou Araouzou Str., tel.: 25 829129;
    • Famagusta: 83 Eleftherias Str., Derynia, tel. 23 300300;
    • Larnaca: 27 Gregoris Afxentiou Ave, tel. 24 815555;
    • Paphos: 62 Eleftheriou Venizelou Str., tel. 26822400;
    • Polis Chrysochous: 1 Evagora Pallekaride Str., tel. 26 821888;
    • Pelendri: 70 Αrchbishop Makarios III Str., tel. 25 813400.
  • Or by post to the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance (Grants and Benefits Service), 1489 Nicosia

Obligation of Single Parent Beneficiaries

Persons who receive single parent benefit must notify the Grants and Benefits Service or the Permanent Secretary within one month of any change in their family situation, address, bank account, or of any circumstances that may affect their right to receive the benefit. Failure to provide timely information may result in loss of benefit.

The single parent benefit ceases in case of:
  • the eligibility to child benefit is terminated;
  • the beneficiary including her / his dependants are away from the Republic of Cyprus for more than 30 days (except if their absence is based on medical grounds);
  • the parent lives with a partner or spouse.

According to the Child Benefit Law, any person making a false statement or presenting false particulars with the aim of obtaining single parent benefit either for herself / himself or for any other person, is guilty of an offence and risks a fine of up to € 40.000 or with imprisonment up to 2 years, or both sentences.

The single parent benefit begins one month after:
  • the child birth, in case of unmarried single parent;
  • issuing the divorce certificate, in case of divorced single parent;
  • the spouse’s death, in case of widowed;
  • issuing the court ruling declaring that the spouse is missing.

The single parent benefit is always paid for the previous year and the applications must be submitted by 31st December of the current year. If the application is not submitted within the required period of time, it will be considered out of date and will result in the loss of benefit for the previous year.