A person can apply for early retirement if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • the applicant has reached the age of 63; and
  • the applicant has paid or assimilated contributions in at least 70% of the years from 5 October 1964 (or since 7 January 1957 if this is more profitable for the beneficiary) or from the age of 16 and until the last contribution week before the pensionable age; or
  • the applicant is entitled to invalidity pension immediately before reaching the age of 63; or
  • the applicant aged between 63 and 65 has been entitled to an invalidity pension if she/ he had not reached the age of 63.

Miners aged 58 or older who worked at least three years may receive early retirement pension one month earlier for every five months of mining work, provided they have retired from that occupation.

The early retirement pension amount is calculated as the old age pension.

How to Apply for Early Retirement Pension?

The persons interested to apply for early retirement pension should contact their local Social Insurance Services Office within three months from the date of entitlement. The documents required for their application are the same as for the old age pension. In addition the applicant must provide a valid medical certificate which states the type of his disability.  

Early retired people can receive their pensions in any EU country they wish to retire. Countries where a person has paid pension contributions share a proportional responsibility for paying the retirement pension, according to the period of employment. If the applicant worked in different countries, the pension must be claimed through the last EU country where the contributions were paid. The applicant should mention all the other countries where she / he used to work. EU citizens who face any problems in getting their early retirement pension abroad should contact the European Assistance Services here.

EU pensioners are eligible for medical treatment at no cost. For more information view the Cyprus' health & medical care scheme page which also explains how to apply for a medical card to get free access to the public health services.