The funeral grant is paid for the death of any person who:

  • was receiving old-age, invalidity, widows’/widowers' pension, death benefit, a missing person allowance or any orphan receiving orphans' benefit;
  • died due to an accident at work or occupational disease;
  • has paid social insurance contributions for at least 26 weeks before the date of death, during this period the amount of paid or accumulated contributions was at least 26 times the weekly amount of the basic covered earnings* and the contributions on earnings paid or accumulated within the previous year were at least 20 times the weekly amount of the basic covered earnings;
  • is a dependant of an insured person who satisfies the above contribution condition or the dependant of an old-age pensioner.

*The weekly amount of basic insurable earnings is €174.38. This amount is adjusted once a year according to the changes in wages.

The beneficiaries of the funeral grant are the the widows / widowers or any persons who paid for the funeral of a deceased who fulfills the above conditions.

The funeral grant is a lump sum payment equal to 8% of the yearly basic insurable earnings. Currently the amount is € 725.44 (€ 9.068 * 8%). In case of a dependant’s death the lump sum equals half of the normal funeral grant; currently this amount is € 362.72.

How to Get Funeral Grant

To obtain this allowance the claimant must submit to the nearest Social Insurance Services Office an application form for funeral grant, together with these documents:

  • the death certificate received from the District Office;
  • the marriage certificate;
  • a statement by the District Office that at the time of death the spouses were living together under the same roof;
  • a statement by the priest mentioning the person who was responsible for the funeral, in case the applicant is not the spouse of the deceased;
  • a statement of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) signed and stamped by the applicant’s bank with the full details of the bank account where the transfer will be made.

The applications for funeral grant must be submitted within one year after the date of death.