The orphans’ benefit is paid to any minor child in the following situations:

  • if both parents have died or the parents were separated and the parent who cared about the child has died, considering that at least one of the parents has paid social insurance contributions;
  • if one parent has died and the surviving parent is not entitled to a widowers' / widows' pension;
  • if the surviving parent who was receiving a widows' / widowers' pension has remarried.

If the above conditions are satisfied, the orphan’s benefit is paid to children up to 15 years old. In case of full time students or military servants the benefit is paid up to the age of 25 years old for boys and 23 years old for girls. There is no age limit in case of disabled children who are incapable of supporting themselves. The allowance is also payable abroad.

How Much Is the Orphan’s Benefit?

A. If the orphans meet the first condition mentioned above, the benefit is composed of a basic benefit and a supplementary benefit as follows:

  • the weekly basic orphans' benefit for each child is 40% of the weekly basic insurable earnings*;
  • in the case of one orphan the weekly supplementary benefit is 50% of the supplementary widows' pension which was paid or would have been paid, or in case of at least two orphans the supplementary benefit is 100%.

In 2013 the weekly basic orphan’s benefit was € 34.88 for minors who lost both of their parents and supplementary benefit is calculated according contributions accumulated by their deceased parents. The supplementary pension for more than two orphans cannot exceed the amount of the supplementary widow´s pension.

B. If the orphan meets the second or third condition mentioned above the weekly orphans' benefit for each child is 20% of the weekly basic insurable earnings* and it is payable up to three orphans.

In 2013 the weekly orphan’s benefit for minors who lost one parent was € 69.75.

*The weekly amount of basic insurable earnings is €174.38 and is adjusted once a year according to the changes in wages.

C. A lump sum up to one year’s benefit is paid to orphans upon termination of their entitlement due to any cause other than the death before the age of 17.

How to Get Orphan’s Benefit

To get orphan’s benefit an application form, must be submitted to the nearest Social Insurance Services Office together with the relevant certificates. The documents that must be included within the application are:

  • the death certificate of the deceased parent / parents;
  • the birth certificate of the deceased if he / she was not a pensioner;
  • the orphan’s birth certificate;
  • the bachelor degree, or any school attendance certificate for orphan girls between 15-23 and boys 15-25;
  • a military service certificate for orphan boys up to 25 serving in the National Guard;
  • a disability certificate for orphans above 15 years old who are disabled and permanently incapable of work
  • a statement from the Social Welfare Services in case the applicant who took over the child is not one of the parents;
  • a statement of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) signed and stamped by the applicant’s bank with the full details of the applicant’s bank account where the transfer will be made.

The applications must be submitted within three months after the death of the parent.