The veterans of the World War II (WWII), 1939 – 1945, or the widows of such veterans who died after 1/4/2007 (the date of the relevant Decision of the Council of Ministers) are entitled to veteran’s pension. The monthly allowance is not transferable to other successors besides the widows / widowers of the war fighters.

The monthly amount of the pension for widows or veterans of the WWII (1939 – 1945) is approximately € 120.

To apply for the war veteran’s pension an application form must be submitted to the Grants and Benefits Service of the Ministry of Finance (at 6 Tefkrou Str. Nicosia, tel: 22 804 000) together with the following documents:

  1. the marriage certificate;
  2. the death certificate of veteran fighter;
  3. a statement of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) signed and stamped by the applicant’s bank with the full details of the bank account where the transfer will be made.

The Grants and Benefits Service has the right to request additional documents or other information if it deems to be necessary for the examination of the application.

The application must be submitted within twelve months from the veteran’s date of death. If the application is submitted later, the subsidy is paid retrospectively only for twelve months.

The applications can also be submitted to:

  • The Service Office at the Ministry of Finance, Nicosia, tel 22601623;
  • The Citizen Service Centres (CSC) at:
    • Nicosia: Angle Kyriakos Matsis & Katsonis Saints Confessors, tel. 22446686,
    • Limassol: 21 Spyros Araouzou Str., tel. 25829129,
    • Larnaca: 27 Avenue Afxentiou Str., tel. 24815555,
    • Paphos: 62 Eleftherios Venizelos Str., tel. 26822400,
    • Polis: 1 Evagoras Pallikarides Str., tel. 26821888,
    • Pelendri: 70 Archbishop Makarios III Str., tel. 25813400;
  • Or by post to the Treasury Chief Executive of the Grants and Benefits Service of the Ministry of Finance, 1489 Nicosia.