According to the Provision of Special Allowance within the Blind Law of 2011, the special allowance for the blinds (also known as blind pension) is provided to individuals that fulfill the following conditions:

  1. they are Cypriot or European citizens, who live permanently in the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus; and
  2. their visual acuity is not less than 6/60 in both eyes, even with corrective lenses;
  3. they have attended the School for the Blinds until 1990.

Since January 1, 2012 the special allowance for the blinds is €316, 37 per month (varies according to the wage indexation each year).

How to Apply For Blinds Allowance?

To apply for blind pension the claimant or his representative must submit to the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities the application form for the blind allowance accompanied by the following documents:

  1. for Cypriot citizens: a copy of the applicant’s identity card and for European citizens: a verified copy of their Temporary Residence Permit / Immigration Permit / Yellow Slip from the Civil Registry and Migration Department;
  2. the original certificate from an ophthalmologist which shows the exact acuity of vision for each eye;
  3. those who have attended the School for the Blinds until the year 1990 must submit also the Certificate of Attendance.

All the applicants for the Special Allowance for the Blinds will be referred to a special multidisciplinary committee, whose decision will determine the approval of the blind pension. The persons that will be invited to attend the examination and won’t present themselves in front of the multidisciplinary committee will not be granted the blinds special allowance.