The allowance for the provision of a disability car is approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurances or by an authorized representative to help disabled people purchase special vehicles for their own use.

Who Can Benefit of Disability Car Allowance?

The beneficiaries of the allowance for purchasing disability cars must be Cypriots or European citizens who have been living in Cyprus for at least 12 consecutive months and meet the following criteria:

  • persons aged between 18 to 70 years old;
  • persons with severe disabilities to their upper and/or lower limbs, or severe visual disability, who are considered by the Medical Council’s report permanent disabled and whose disability involves:
  1. amputation or severe disability of the upper and/or lower limps of at least thirty nine percent (39%),  and/or
  2. reduction of the visual acuity in both eyes of at least 6/60 even with the use of corrective lenses;
  • don’t own another cars that has been imported duty free.

To receive allowance for buying a disability car the applicant must hold a driving license. Applicants who due to the nature of their disability cannot drive safely according to the Road Transport Department or/and the Medical Council, are exempted from the ownership of a driving license. If the applicant possesses a driving license, but does not have it at the date of purchase, the Minister of Labour and Social Insurances or its authorized representative may approve the allowance if the applicant owns a student license.

If the designated Medical Council have any objections to the Ministry’s decisions, then a different Medical Council will examine these objections. If the applicant meets the aforementioned conditions but in the opinion of the Senior Driving Examiner of the Road Transport Department she/he can drive cars that do not require special equipment, the applicant won’t receive financial assistance for purchasing a disability car. The automatic gearbox is considered special equipment.

How Much Is the Allowance for Purchasing a Car for Disabled?

The allowance for the provision of disability car consists in:

  • Financial assistance which includes customs duties, excise duties and the VAT;
  • Release from car registration and road tax fees;
  • The total granted amount that can be up to €15.378 for the acquisition of an ordinary car and up to €18.795 in case the applicant has obtained her/his disability by a war injury and has an amputation of a lower limp above the knee, or in case the applicant has to use a wheelchair permanently.

The amount granted for purchasing a car for disabled will be calculated based on the proposed process for both new and used cars. There are no restrictions on horsepower or the type of car, provided that the car’s functionalities are allowed by the responsible Authority (Senior Driving Examiner).

How to Apply for Allowance for Purchasing a Car for Disabled?

In order to receive allowance for the provision of a disability car an application needs to be submitted to the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. The application must include the form for disability car allowance accompanied by the following documents:

  • for Cypriot citizens: a copy of their identity card;
  • for European citizens: a verified copy of their Temporary Residence Permit /  Immigration Permit / Yellow Slip issued by the Civil Registry and Migration Department;
  • a medical certificate stating the nature of the applicant’s disability;
  • a copy of the applicant’s driving license;
  • a copy of the registration certificate, in case the applicant owns a disability car;
  • a copy of the registration certificate, in case the applicant’s spouse owns a car for persons with disabilities.

A person who makes a false statement to obtain allowance for the provision of a disability car either for herself/himself or for another person is guilty of an offense and will suffer the consequences of the Law.

A disabled person is eligible for a new grant after a period of minimum five up to ten years from the date of exercising her/his right, calculated based on the amount of financial assistance that was granted previously. The exact number of years is determined by dividing the previous grant by the amount which is equal to 1/10 of the maximum grant they are entitled to get.

Note: The purchase and registration of the disability car shall be done after the final approval by the Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, or an authorized representative.

How Long Is the Allowance Valid?

If approved, the allowance for purchasing a disability car is valid one year. If during this time the beneficiary does not purchase the car, then she/he may apply for renewal if they still meet the criteria. 

There are several rules the beneficiary of the Scheme have to respect after the purchase of the disability car:

  1. The new car which is purchased from this allowance needs to be registered on the name of the person with the disability.
  2. The car cannot be transferred to any other person for at least 5 years from the day of purchase, unless the beneficiary gets authorization from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurances, or any authorized representative. If the transfer is done earlier without authorization, the Ministry has the right to claim back the amount granted.
  3. If the beneficiary dies, the car becomes part of her/his estate and it is passed to her/his successors. The grant is not required to be returned to the State in this case.
  4. The family members of the beneficiary are allowed to drive the car, provided that they are approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurances, or an authorized representative. If the beneficiary does not hold a driving license due to the nature of her/his disability or is present in the car, then any other person can drive the car. If these terms are dishonored, the Ministry has the right to claim back the amount granted as financial assistance.
  5. If the beneficiary’s spouse is also a person with disabilities, then they can claim financial assistance for purchasing a second car, even if only one of them can drive.

The car must have at least third party insurance. In case of accidents or total destruction of the car, the beneficiary will receive financial assistance of up to 30% of the amount granted, or the difference between the initial grant and the maximum amount that the person is entitled to. The beneficiary is entitled to choose the payment method. If the beneficiary receives any compensation from an insurance company, the grant amount plus the compensation will not exceed € 15.378 or € 18.795 depending on the disability of the beneficiary.