Services for the mentally disabled persons in Cyprus are provided by “Nea Eleousa”, the State Institution for people with severe mental disability and by four States Community Houses that operate in Nicosia district.

“Nea Eleousa” is open since September 1977 on a 24 hours basis and accommodates circa 30 adults and children with severe mental disabilities. The institution aims to:

  • improve the patients’ physical and mental abilities through a wide range of care services and treatments;
  • revile the patients’ families from their everyday care;
  • rise their households standard of leaving by giving the family members the opportunity to enter the labor market, thus increase their income flow.

The other four State Institutions in the Community accommodate adults who are usually ex residents of ‘’Nea Eleousa’’. These Community Houses are located as follows:

  1. In Ayios Andreas since 1996.
  2. In Latsia since 1998.
  3. In Aylantzia since 2000.
  4. In Strovolos since 2001.

Living in the Community Houses allows people with special needs to socialize with their co-citizens and develop their physical and mental capabilities through daily therapeutic programs and special care services.

The main provider of welfare services in Cyprus for people with severe mental disabilities is the State. There are also other smaller providers such as a number of NGOs and private entities, that offer services voluntarily or for profit.

For more information about the services for mentally disabled persons in Cyprus and how to register for such services contact ‘’Nea Eleousa’’ Institute at:

Phone: +(357) 22305114

Fax: +(357) 22305028