The financial assistance provided through the Welfare Lottery Fund is an exceptional allowance, offered by the government to further support the disabled persons living in Cyprus and to help improving the quality of their lives. This allowance is provided in addition to other social benefits and grants that may not satisfy enough the disability needs and costs of the beneficiaries (e.g. helping to purchase a specific disability device which is not fully covered by another benefit).

The allowance provided through the Welfare Lottery Funs depends on the disability needs of the beneficiaries and takes into consideration other financial benefits and grants that may be received by the applicant.

Who can Benefit from the Welfare Lottery Fund?

The beneficiaries of this allowance include:

  • persons with severe disabilities;
  • war victims;
  • organisations or agencies for exceptional financial needs and programmes aiming to improve the quality of life of the disabled.

How to Obtain Additional Financial Assistance?

The allowance request must be submitted to the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities together with the application form for financial assistance through the Welfare Lottery Fund and the following documents: 

  • a recent medical report that states the disability and the onset date;
  • a certificate from a banking institution indicating the date and the reason for the loan, as well as the remaining amount;
  • any other information that may be considered relevant for the evaluation of the application, such as certificates, invoices and other supported documents.

All the fields included in the application form must be completed.