One-time financial assistance for purchasing a car is given to large families if:

  • they have been living in Cyprus for at least 30 consecutive months during the last three years;
  • they are entitled to child benefit for at least four dependant children.

Also, either the family representative who applies for financial assistance for car purchase or her / his spouse must:

  • be citizens of the Republic of Cyprus or citizens of another European member state;
  • hold a driving license;
  • not have received any financial benefits from the Government for purchasing a car (e.g. disability car) or acquired any untaxed car under other legislation during the last seven years.

The amount of financial assistance for purchasing a car is € 3.418 for a normal family with at least four children, and up to € 5.126 for the low income families with at least four children who are receiving a supplementary child allowance.

To obtain financial assistance for purchasing a car, families that satisfy the qualifying conditions must submit an application form to the relevant bodies accompanied by the following documents:

  1. copies of the identity cards of the applicant and her / his family members in case of Cypriot citizens;
  2. valid copies of the temporary residence permits or Registration Certificates or Licenses Immigration (Immigration Permit) or Alien Cards (yellow slips) from the Civil Registry and Migration Department if the applicant or her / his family members are citizens of another European state;
  3. copies of the driver's license of the applicant or her / his spouse.

The car purchased through this financial assistance has to:

  • be a passenger car which can legally transfer at least four people;
  • be used for private reasons;
  • be purchased and registered on the name of the beneficiary within a period of maximum three months from the date of the approval by the Ministry of Finance. If this period is exceeded, the grant is no longer available and the beneficiaries may reapply if they still meet the criteria of this Scheme;
  • remain the property of the beneficiary for at least twelve months before any transfer to another owner;
  • be not owned by the beneficiary or her / his spouse, by a first degree relative of the beneficiary or her / his spouse (parents or children), or by a company which is owned entirely or partially by the beneficiary, her / his spouse or any of their first degree relatives.

The car can also be registered on the name of the beneficiary’s spouse provided that the 3 months deadline is respected.

The completed applications must be submitted to any of the bodies below:

  • The Office of Grants and Benefits Service, Tefkrou 6 Str. Nicosia - tel 22804000,
  • The Office of Citizen Service in the Ministry of Finance, Nicosia - tel 22601623,
  • Citizen Service Centres (KEP)

    • Nicosia: Angle Kyriakos Matsis & Katsonis Saints Confessors, tel 22446686,
    • Limassol: Spyros Araouzou 21 tel 25829129,
    • Larnaca Avenue Afxentiou 27 tel 24815555,
    • Polis: Evagoras Pallikarides 1 tel 26821888,
    • Pelendri: Archbishop Makarios III 70, tel 25813400;
  • Or by post to the Treasury Chief Executive of the Grants and Benefits Service of Ministry of Finance 1489 Nicosia.