The Government of Cyprus offers financial assistance up to € 1.050 to eligible couples with low income and asset capabilities who plan to adopt a child from another country.

Adoptions from other countries are usual in Cyprus as the number of children available for adoption is very low compared to the number of couples that are interested in adoption. In Cyprus the adoptions are made under the Intercountry Adoption (Ratification) Law of 1994 and the Adoption Law no 19 (1) of 1995.

According to the Adoption Law the financial capacity of the adopter to raise a child falls among the standard factors for measuring the suitability for adoption, though recognizing the lack of financial resources to cover the cost of international adoption. Couples unable to provide the right environment and resources to properly raise a child should be deprived of the right to adoption.

The beneficiaries couples of financial assistance for adopting a child from another country must fulfill the following requirements:

  • They should have been approved as suitable adoptive parents under the provisions of Article 14 and / or 13 of the Adoption Law 19 (1) 95;
  • They should possess:
    • an adoption certificate under the Convention for the Protection of Children and Cooperation Regarding Intercountry Adoption - Ratification Law 26 (III) of 1994.
    • an entry / recognition injunction regarding adoption from a foreign country with which Cyprus has signed Bilateral Agreements or Legal / Judicial Cooperation.
    • a proof that their gross income is not less than € 1.700 per month.
    • a movable or immovable property, excluding the house in which they reside.

Couples interested in obtaining financial assistance for adopting a child from another country must submit to the Social Welfare Services Office in their district an application form together with the following documents: 

  • the necessary certificates for transnational adoption;
  • the certificates of earnings and property;
  • a proof of the value of movable or immovable property except the permanent residence;

If the financial allowance is approved the beneficiary couple will receive by post a check of € 1.050. In case of refusal, the couple will be informed in writing about the reasons for this decision.