The missing person allowance was introduced in the Cypriot Social Insurance Scheme after the 1974 Turkish invasion, for the families of the missing persons as a result of the invasion. The allowance is paid to a dependant if the whereabouts of the insured missing person (employed, self-employed or voluntary contributor) are unknown and she or he is presumed dead.

The amount of the missing person allowance consists of a basic benefit and a supplementary benefit calculated as follow:

  • the basic pension is 60% of the weekly basic covered earnings*, increased to 80%, 90% and 100% for one, two or three dependants respectively (maximum three dependants). Married female beneficiaries receive an additional 10% of the weekly average basic covered earnings for each child, up to two children.
  • the supplementary pension is 60% of the supplementary old-age or disability pension the deceased received or was eligible to receive (or 1.5% of the covered earnings exceeding the basic covered earnings).

The missing person allowance is calculated on a weekly basis and paid monthly to the dependant beneficiary. The beneficiaries may also receive old-age or disability pensions (basic and supplementary) up to a maximum amount depending on their covered earnings.

* The weekly amount of basic insurable earnings is €174.38. This amount is adjusted once a year according to the changes in wages. The maximum amount of weekly covered earnings is €1,046.

To obtain this allowance, the dependants must apply at the nearest Social Insurance Services Office within three months after the person was officially declared missing by a court statement.