A special mother allowance is granted to mothers of more than four children and in certain cases to mothers of three children, who are residing in the Republic of Cyprus and are no longer entitled to child benefit for all their children due to the maturity of their last child.

Mothers of three children can apply for this benefit when their last child completes the age of 18, if they satisfy the following conditions:

  • they are habitually staying in Cyprus;
  • in 2002 they had three dependant children (ie minor and / or students aged up to 25 years for boys and 23 years for girls) and / or soldiers (aged up to 25 years) and according to the previous Child Benefit Act for Third Child (repealed on January 1, 2003) were entitled to child benefit for a third child from the Social Insurance Services.

Mothers who receive child benefit for all their children or who are not residing in the Republic of Cyprus are not entitled to apply this allowance.

The mother allowance is a fixed amount paid monthly to women who meet the above criteria. In 2012 the monthly mother allowance amounted € 70.12. This amount is adjusted every year by January 1, according to the growth rate of the average consumer price index during the last year compared with the average of this indicator in the immediately preceding year.

How to Obtain Mother Allowance

Mothers of more than four children (or three children if the above conditions are satisfied) must complete the application form for mother allowance and submit it to the relevant bodies together with the following documents:

  1. a copy of the identity card (both sides) in case the applicant is a Cypriot citizen;
  2. a copy of their Alien Card (yellow slips) or temporary residence permit or Registration Certificate or License Migration (Immigration Permit) from the Civil Registry Population and Migration, in case the applicant is a citizen of another European state;
  3. copies of the children’s identity cards (both sides) or birth certificates;
  4. a statement of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) signed and stamped by the mother’s bank with the full details of the bank account where the transfer will be made.

The applications must be submitted within 12 months from the date of entitlement to mother allowance. Applications that are not submitted in time are considered late, resulting in losing the entitlement to mother benefit for the period that the application was delayed.

The completed applications must be submitted to any of the bodies below:

  • The Office of Grants and Benefits Service, Tefkrou 6 Str. Nicosia - tel 22804000;
  • The Office of Citizen Service in the Ministry of Finance, Nicosia - tel 22601623;
  • Citizen Service Centres (KEP)
    • Nicosia: Angle Kyriakos Matsis & Katsonis Saints Confessors, tel 22446686,
    • Limassol: Spyros Araouzou 21, tel 25829129,
    • Famagusta: Freedom 83 Derynia, tel 23300300,
    • Larnaca Avenue Afxentiou 27, tel 24815555,
    • Paphos: Eleftherios Venizelos 62, tel 26822400,
    • Polis: Evagoras Pallikarides 1, tel 26821888,
    • Pelendri: Archbishop Makarios III 70, tel 25813400;
  • Or by post to the General Director of the Grants and Benefits Service of Ministry of Finance 1489 Nicosia.

Where it finds appropriate the Grants and Benefits Service may ask for additional documents.

The payments will be made directly to the concerned mothers through bank transfer to their personal or joint bank account. The persons who receive mother allowance must notify immediately the Grants and Benefits Service or the relevant bodies of any changes that may affect their right to receive the benefit.