Old persons residing in the Republic of Cyprus who have paid their social insurance contributions are entitled to a number of social benefits and care services. In a nutshell these benefits are:

European pensioners are eligible for free medical treatment. More information can be found on the Cyprus health & medical care scheme page which also explains how to apply for a medical card to get free access to the public health services.

European citizens have the right to retire in another member state. Countries where a person has paid pension contributions share a proportional responsibility for paying that pension, according to the period of employment. EU citizens whose pension rights are not recognised aboard should contact the European Assistance Services here.

Until December 1, 2009 The Grants and Benefits Service provided under the ‘Scheme for supporting pensioners´ households with low income’ a special allowance to all pensioners to increase the amount of their pensions. After this date there have not been any new beneficiaries as the scheme is fully implemented.