The social pension is a non-contributory benefit, provided to persons over 65 years old who are not entitled to any other pensions and similar payments which amount is higher than the monthly social pension (for example provident funds, private pensions etc). Additionally the applicants must be:

  • a resident of the Republic of Cyprus for at least 20 years after the age of 40; or
  • a resident of the Republic of Cyrus for at least 35 years after age the age of 18.

The social pension is equivalent to 81% of the full old age basic pension. The current weekly amount of the social pension is € 84.75 (81% x 60% x € 174.38) which means that the monthly amount is approximately € 339. This amount is adjusted yearly in January and July according to the changes in the wages and prices.

If the pension and any other similar payments received are less than the monthly amount of the social pension, then the difference between the two amounts is paid to the applicant.

To apply for social pension follow the same procedure as for the old age pension. Applications must be submitted to the local Social Insurance Services Office within three months from the date of entitlement.