Driving Offenses and Points:

Ref.Offense DescriptionLegislationMin PointsMax Points
1Reckless DrivingMOTKN Article 736
2Negligent DrivingMOTKN Article 824
3Non compliance with traffic lightsMOTKK Reg.66B(1)24
4Causing death because of Reckless and/or Negligent ActionCriminal Code Cap.154 Article 210510
5Abandonment of the accident scene without providing helpCriminal Code Cap.154 Article 235A510
6Offenses regarding modifications to exhaust systemsMOTKK Reg.50(17)24
7ANot wearing helmet in non residential areasMOTKK reg.5924
7BNot wearing helmet in residential areasMOTKK reg.5912
8Not wearing Seatbelt in non residential areasOAN Article 1524
9Use of mobile phoneMOTKK Reg.58(14)24
10Non compliance with white continuous lineMOTKK Reg.58(4)(a)24



Ref.Violation of Speed LimitsPenaltyMin Points (Police)Max Points (Court)
1Violation up to 30% of the permitted speed (Speed X 1.3)€1/km-2
2Violation from 31% up to 50% of the permitted speed (Speed X 1.5)€2/km24
3Violation from 51% up to 75% of the permitted speed (Speed X 1.75)€3/km36
4Violation above 76% of the permitted speed (Speed X 1.76)The case is send to court36

Ref.Violation of Alcohol Limits PenaltyMin Points (Police)Max Points (Court)
123mg - 35mg per 100ml€100-2
236mg - 55mg per 100ml€20024
356mg - 70 mg per 100ml€30036
4above 71 mg per 100mlThe case is send to court36