Every Vehicle in Cyprus must undergoe a periodic technical inspection depending on the type of vehicle either by the State Inspection Center (KEMO) or Private Inspection Center (IKTEO). The technical inspection of vehicles is regulated by the Motor Vehicles (Technical Control and Inspection Centers) Act 2007 as amended to date.

The MOT test must be carried out to all vehicles above the age of 4 years old, every two years. The MOT Certificate and the Vehicle Insurance are prerequisites in order to renew your Road Tax. 

The objective of the MOT is to check the mechanical safety and CO2 emission levels of your vehicle.

The MOT test takes 30 minutes to be completed and it is usually carried out at Authorised Private Inspection Centers (IKTEO).  The test includes the following checks:
1. Suspension
2. Brakes
3. CO2 emissions
4. Steering
5. Basic external checks (lights, tyres, etc.)

The vehicles owners should take with them to the test the vehicle Registration/Ownership Document and the fee of €34.17 to the IKTEO of their choice. 

The results of the test are electronically submitted to the Department of Transport . A Certificate is issued for vehicles that have successfully completed the MOT test, which is valid for 2 years.

The owners of existing registered vehicles will receive a notification via text message prior to the test becoming due.

The owners of newly registered vehicles do not receive a notification when their vehicle test is due, hence they are responsible for ensuring the vehicle's inspection is up to date.

Failure to have a valid MOT test has serious consequences as Road Tax becomes invalid and Insurance company may refuse to cover any damages in case of an accident.