Ways to Renew your Road Tax for 2015

1. Online renewal through the website jccsmart.com
Required documents:
Vehicle's title deed, Credit Card and Insurance Certificate*
Required documents:
TOM 8 application form,Vehicle's title deed, Cash and Insurance Certificate*
3. Renewal at Commercial Banks, Citizen Service Centers and District Post Offices.
Required documents:
Vehicle's title deed, Cash and Insurance Certificate*

The insurance certificate is required only in cases where the insurance is new and it is not updated properly in the database of Road & Transport Department.


The deadline for Road Tax renewal for the year 2015 is on the 9th February 2015.

From the 10th February 2015 the police will prosecute. After the grace period a fine of €30 + 10% of the rate of tax for the vehicle will be levied on renewal. If the tax is not renewed for a full year, further penalties apply.

Immobilised Cars

The Road & Transportation Department decided to spare the road tax of immobilised vehicles in case their owners will file TOM 12 application to have the vehicle declared idle. Specifically vehicle owners who have not paid their road tax for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 for vehicles they are no longer using, they will not be subject to road tax if they file TOM 12 application to the Road and Transport Department or provide a sworn statement from the court to verify that their vehicles are no longer in use.

The above exemption applies to vehicles that:
1. Are not used, or
2. Were destroyed in accidents, or
3. Were bought but the previous owners have neglected to pay the road tax.

Those who have already paid the road tax on their immobilised vehicle will be refunded.

TOM 12 application cannot be backdated and should be submitted to the Road and Transport Department by the vehicle owner as soon as the vehicle becomes idle.