In accordance with Scrapping Vehicles Act of 2003 as amended in 2011, every vehicle that reaches its useful life should not be discarded and should receive proper environmental treatment for the reuse or recycling of its parts.

This process is carried out in special places that are licensed for this purpose.

Click here to find the current licensed places in Cyprus as listed in the official website of the Road Transport Department.

A Certificate of Destruction is issued for each vehicle that is destroyed, which is necessary for the permanent removal of the vehicle from the registry of the Department of Road Transport.

On the contrary the vehicle is deemed outstanding and the owner of the vehicle must still pay the registration fee for three years.

Normally, treatment once at the facility is free, but check with the licensed instillation.

The Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department as the Competent Authority of the Act, arrange to meet both the obligations of licensed establishments, and owners.