The main scope of Local Government is the promotion of complaints, problems and requests from the citizens of their jurisdiction for their consideration and resolution.

In order to accomplish this scope the municipalities are usually involved in the following activities:

  • Enable their citizen to address and express their complaint and also request their right to be serviced;
  • Provide guides on issues concerning the citizens and inform them on issues of procedures and legislation;
  • Coordinate and monitor the development of problem solving or complaints and accordingly inform the relevant authority for any delays.
  • Maintain and analyze statistics related to the type of complaint, the nature and timing as well as the categories of complaints and requests.
  • Suggest ways of preventive action to eliminate the requests or complaints from the public;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of services and recommends ways to achieve high quality of service.
  • Examine complaints with confidentiality and submit reports and recommendations to the relevant authorities.

Cyprus is divided into 6 Districts and each district is supervised by a District Officer who is appointed by the Public Sector Committee. The District Officer is the connection between the citizens of the District and the Government and ensures the application of the government policy to promote the development of the district.

There are 3 forms of Local Government:

  1. Municipalities
  2. Boards
  3. Village Communities