The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, as the prominent Ministry of the citizen creates and implements its policy by focusing on humans. This policy is shaped through various actions and is based on the following pillars:

  • Qualitative improvement of services provided to the citizens, which is the main pillar of its policy with particular emphasis on securing and consolidating meritocracy, objectivity, proper governance and transparency.
  • Solutions the housing problems of refugees and the economically weaker classes of people, through the application of new housing projects applicable from 1.1.2007.
  • Enhance the role and restructuring of local government with systematic gradual widening of its powers, while ensuring financial autonomy to enable it effectively encounter the modern requirements and to contribute effectively to the collective effort of the state in both urban and rural development.
  • Intensify efforts to modernize and simplify the procedures which are insufficient to meet current demands and needs of citizens.

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