The Ministry of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus, is responsible for the close review and consideration of the need to reform the existing legislation in a wide field of public and private law, such as criminal law, legislation that falls within the general concept of the administration of justice, family law, legislation in the fields of equality, human rights, the treatment of offenders and other.


The activities of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order include the promotion, in collaboration with the Supreme Court, of legislative and administrative measures for the unrestricted administration of Justice and the proper functioning of the courts and criminological research for the formation of policies for the prevention and suppression of crime.

It has also the responsibility, through the Police Force that the Minister of Justice and Public Order politically heads, of the maintenance of law and order, the preservation of peace and the prevention and detection of crime.

Additionally, the Ministry is dealing with the conclusion of bilateral agreements and the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to multilateral conventions on legal/judicial co-operation and also in security matters and the prevention and combat of crime.

The duties, responsibilities and competences of the Police, are prescribed in section 5 of the Police Law, Cap.285. The Police, according to the Law is responsible throughout the territory of the Republic and the maintenance of Law and Order, the preservation of peace, the prevention and investigation of crime and the arrest and bringing before justice of persons breaking the law.

The Fire Service forms part of the Police and has the same structure and internal administration as the rest of the Police. The duties of the Fire Service include the rescue of life and property, the extinguishing of fires, the provision of all kinds of humanitarian assistance and the fire protection of buildings.


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