THOC (the Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus) aims to promote the art of theatre and the theatrical culture in Cyprus in accordance with Law 71 of 1970.

THOC carries out the following activities in order to implement its scope:

  • Organises and staffs the theatrical scenes for performances of classical and contemporary works.
  • Organises regular theatrical tours in the cities and countryside of Cyprus.
  • Trains actors and educates theatregoers on various matters.
  • Promotes the theatre development in Cyprus mainly through free theatre performances, theatres in schools and amateur theatres.

As a semi-government organization , THOC falls under the Ministry of Education and Culture and is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors appointed by the President for a term of three years and is headed by a Director appointed by the Board and whose appointment is ratified by the Cabinet .

The of budget THOC is approved by the Ministry and the Cabinet, and then passed into law by the Parliament.